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Please check out the newly published Swan Sanctuary's Guide to Responsible Swan Stewardship - Educating one pond owner at a time.

About the Book

Based on my personal experience with the Swan Research Program in Warrenton, Virginia, this book is a detailed and innovative guide to swan care. Augmented by numerous drawings and charts, it provides extensive information on the trapping, feeding, health, and year-round care of captive swans. All seven swan species are discussed, with special attention given to the Trumpeter and Tundra Swans (which are the two species native to the U.S), as well as to the invasive, non-native Mute swan.

In just over 150 pages, the manual covers not only all aspects of swan care, but also seeks to raise environmental awareness. In addition, it addresses various moral and legal ramifications of the keeping of captive swans.

This book is written not only for swan owners, but for pond owners, waterfowl sanctuaries, rehabilitators, bird enthusiasts, citizen scientists, and environmentalists. Pond owners are encouraged to keep swans as a natural way to control invasive flora without the use of dangerous herbicides. They are doubly rewarded when the inviting habitat that they create brings other wild species to visit. Swan Sanctuary's guide will be of vital interest to waterfowl sanctuaries, re-introduction programs, and local environmental agencies, as well.

To my knowledge, there are presently only two other books of similar content on the market. Both are outdated based on growing environmental concerns in this age of global warming. Swan Sanctuary's Guide to Responsible Swan Stewardship places the care of swans in a new light, stressing the importance of maintaining wild species and discouraging the practice of raising them as pets. The exciting part of this book is that it can be used as a teaching aide and marketed along with talks and presentations geared to providing information to property and pond owners.

It is available in print and eBook formats.

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The e-book version of Swan Sanctuary's Guide  is available at the following online stores:

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Print Edition

The print version of Swan Sanctuary's Guide is available at the following online store:

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