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Under the guidance of Dr. William J. L. Sladen, to whom Swan Sanctuary's Guide to Responsible Swan Stewardship is dedicated, I helped to care for a collection of over 70 swans in Virginia - first as a volunteer, then as a contractor/consultant.

I am the sole proprietor of Swan Sanctuary, which I founded in 2010. Profits from the sale of this book will go to promote the care of swans and to acquire more land and ponds to serve as their habitat.

I have also completed Master Gardener training and the Master Naturalist course. My story "My New Year's Garden" appeared in the GreenPrints Winter 2002-2003 issue.

I am available for consultations on swan care and also continue to write and garden.

Email:  lisbeth@swansanctuary.org

Phone:  540-395-9822

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