Educating One Pond Owner at a Time


What is Swan Sanctuary


SWAN SANCTUARY is the only sanctuary in North America dedicated solely to swans. Its newly published manual, Swan Sanctuary's Guide To Responsible Swan Stewardship - Educating One Pond Owner At A Time, is now available for purchase at the following link:


You are invited to explore this website and Swan Sanctuary's Guide and to share both with social media. Unlike most sanctuaries, Swan Sanctuary does not solicit donations. We ask that you help to spread the word. Thank you.

Founded in 2010, Swan Sanctuary is a shelter for wild and also, captive swans. It provides the possibility for birds that may not be able to survive on their own due to pinioning, injury, or age to live out their lives in relative safety in a hospitable habitat. It also provides an alternative to euthanasia and other means of eradication, of Mute Swans. Mute Swans are non-native to North America and are considered to be invasive. Through Swan Sanctuary's adoption program they are allowed to live celibate lives as non-breeders, while adding enjoyment to those who wish to care for them.

Swan Sanctuary acts as liaison between swans and pond owners, by maintaining a list of those owners who meet requirements for a proper pond environment. It then provides birds for adoption as they become available. Through its interaction with the public, Swan Sanctuary will help to raise awareness about our native Trumpeter and Tundra Swans and bring to light the issue of the problematic Mute Swan. It also seeks to assist pond owners in understanding the importance of providing proper habitat to ensure the health and survival of not only waterfowl, but a multitude of species.


At Swan Sanctuary, all of life is considered sacred and treated with reverence. Our planet Earth and all of its feathered and furred inhabitants, all of our pollinators, rivers, seas, air and green, growing plants are treated with utmost care and considerartion. All acts are undertaken with integrity and for the highest good of all beings. A legacy to pass on to generations that follow, Swan Sanctuary intends to leave everything it touches, more beautiful than when it was found, and with the added grace of swans.


Swan Sanctuary, through mindful intention, provides rescue and healthy habitat for all swans, while educating the public one pond owner at a time. The goal of the sanctuary is to raise awareness about our native species, and to serve as an ally in helping the native Trumpeter Swan to re-establish its numbers and also its migration routes. Additionally, we aim to reduce in a humane way, the non-native Mute Swan and to restore and protect our vital wetlands.